ISBN 9788122204834,Future of Cricket: The Rise of Twenty 20

Future of Cricket: The Rise of Twenty 20


John Buchanan


Orient Paperbacks



Orient Paperbacks

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788122204834

ISBN-10 812220483X


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)


The advent of Twenty 20 always promised - or threatened - change. In the wake of the second phenomenally popular IPL tournament, this book gives a detailed insider's account of the development and launch of the tournament that has already changed international cricket forever. From the glitz and glamour of the cheerleaders and celebrity owners to the dramatic player auctions,the excitement of the competition and the shadow of terrorism, this chronicle of the first IPL Twenty 20 tournament and its aftermath shows the new face of cricket. In this frank and entertaining book, John Buchanan offers his predictions about the evolution of the game, rising stars to watch and new innovations for play. Filled with on-field highlights, off-field controversies and behind-the-scene insights , this is an invaluable exploration of the future of cricket. Excerpts from the book on Harbhajan ...the Australian team has found that Harbhajan is not always what he appears to be. What Harbhajan has done in the past is snipe or jab life a skilled boxer would. He comes into the ring, lays a few jabs, but then retreats, dancing away from the counter-punching. on Dada Sourav is a fascinating character, a man of contradictions. I'm sure psychologists would find him intriguing. I found him a gentleman to work with, yet I finished the tournament still feeling I didn't know him. on SRK As owner SRK never just marched into the dressing room. He always asked could he come into the dressing room. He would say to me: 'You are the coach, but I want to be around to support you.'