ISBN 9780070599123,Futures Markets : Theory And Practice

Futures Markets : Theory And Practice



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780070599123

ISBN-10 0070599122


Number of Pages 368 Pages
Language (English)


Future Markets: Theory and Practice is the first of the two books written by the on Futures, Options and Swaps, and covers forward and futures contracts. The second book would cover options and swaps. It begins with an introduction to derivative markets, comparing and contrasting forward contracts, futures contracts and options contracts. Chapter 2 looks at the salient features of the operation of futures markets, and the design of futures contracts. Chapter 3 covers the pricing of forward and futures contracts in detail, while Chapter 4 is devoted exclusively to hedging and risk management. Chapter 5 to 8 cover various asset markets. Chapter 5 details short-term interest rate contracts, Chapter 6 explains long-term interest rate contracts, while Chapter 7 and 8 covers foreign exchange and stock index futures contracts respectively. In each of these chapters, the mechanics of the underlying spot markets and the prevailing conventions have been covered in detail, and the related mathematical expressions derived from first principles. Salient Features Simple yet elegant language used throughout the book Fundamentals of forward and futures contracts, as well as the salient features of such markets have been covered in detail. All required mathematical result have been derived from first principles. Chapter on various asset specific markets, for example stock index futures markets, and self-contained. The book uses Indian examples, but has an international focus.