ISBN 9788130930244,Galilean-Newtonean Rebuttal to Einstein's Relativity Theory

Galilean-Newtonean Rebuttal to Einstein's Relativity Theory



Viva Education Private Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788130930244

ISBN-10 8130930242


Number of Pages 396 Pages
Language (English)

Basic Science

Galilean-Newtonean physics is the basis for the presented in-debt study of Einstein`s works. Rigrous, exact, proofs of the full physical failure and mathematical sever restrictions on the validity of Einstein formulae exclusively under Einstein`s physically meaningless and mathematically unjustifiable assumptions. The book discovers a number of the inconsistencies, mistakes and paradoxes of Einstein`s relativity theory. The book presents the proofs that Einstein`s claim (lifted to the level of uncontested postulates) on the relativity of time itself, on the existence of several times and the time speeds, on the time dependence on space (frames), on the invariance of the light speed are wrong and physically meaningless. The book discovers Einstein`s tacit assumptions accepted a priory, which form the basis for all his mathematical results. The book explains and shows that all the assumptions are anacceptable, which makes all his mathematical results formally valid only under such assumptions and that his theory represents from the formal mathematical view point exclusively a singular case.
About the Author

Lyubornir T. Gruyitch, born in Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia now reduced to R. Serbia, 1939, completed there in all his education (Primary School: Bratcha Ribar now King Peter 1950, First Belgrade High School 1958, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: Dipl. Mech. Eng. 1963, Faculty of Electrical Engineering: M.Sci. 1970, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: D.Sci. 1972)