ISBN 9788129124692,Games Girls Play

Games Girls Play


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788129124692

ISBN-10 8129124696


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)

Classic fiction

Can two independent single women in Mumbai,
who couldnt have less in common, be friends?
When the prudish Siya, who dreams of writing a wildly popular bestseller someday-ironically, a book about dating in Mumbai-meets the unabashedly promiscuous Natasha, both their lives change dramatically
Prodded by Natasha, Siya makes the daring decision to shed her inhibitions and put herself out there in the fiercely competitive dating market. And who better than Natasha, the bad girl herself, to guide her through the glamorous, hidden world of the singles of Mumbai?
Natasha, too, is on a quest of her own-she wants to find a man who will look beyond the merely physical and value her for her true worth. And even as she finds true love in the unlikeliest of men, she begins to find her self-worth anew.
In the charged roller-coaster ride Siya and Natasha undertake, their deepening friendship will change them in ways they never expected. Games girls play astutely captures what it means to be a single woman in the big bad city, making for a racy and wickedly charming story of love and friendship.

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