ISBN 9798179925712,Gandhi On Personal Leadership: Lessons From The Life And Times Of Indias Visionary Leader

Gandhi On Personal Leadership: Lessons From The Life And Times Of Indias Visionary Leader


Jaico Books



Jaico Books

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9798179925712

ISBN-10 8179925714


Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language (English)

Biography & autobiography

Table of contents :-
Contents, 1 Introduction, 2 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: A Brief Biography, 3 A Strong Sense of Purpose, 4 The Importance of Choices and Actions, 6 Intrinsic Sense of Satisfaction, 7 Channelizing Anger, 8 The Power of a Dream, 9 The Importance of Risking Failure, 10 The Value of Creative Tension, 11 The Power of Spiritual over Material, 12 Choosing Growth Over Fear, 13 Stewardship: The Urge to Serve, 14 Beyond Competition, 15 Religion: An Invitation to Think, 16 Inclusivity, 17 The Power of Conscience, 18 The Importance of Courage, 19 The Salt March and Calcutta Fast, 20 More Than Body and Mind, 21 The Importance of Trust, 22 The Law of Personal Responsibility, 23 A Sense of Mystery and Miracle, 24 The Power of Ideals, 25 Personal Honesty and Authenticity, 26 The Learning Orientation, 27 Balancing Action and Reflection, 28 A Holistic Spirituality, 29 Learning form Death, 30 The Power of Surrender, 31 The Importance of Problems and Challenges, 32 The Value of Role Models and Mentors, 33 The Importance of a Sense of Humor, 34 The Power of Prioritising, 35 Trusteeship, 36 Synergy, 37 Sarvodaya: For the Welfare of All, 38 Swaraj : Freedom and Responsibility, 39 No Task is Beneath Us, 40 Conclusion: The Hero's Journey, Notes, Bibliography and Recommended Redding, Other Resources, ISBN:9798179925712 8179925714 248 Yr. of Pub.2006 Paper Back English Jaico Pub House, New Delhi