ISBN 9788124600351,Gandhi’s Responses to Islam

Gandhi’s Responses to Islam



D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd.

Publication Year 1994

ISBN 9788124600351

ISBN-10 812460035X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 133 Pages
Language (English)

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Look at him as we may: whether as an exceptional human being, a modern-age prophet, a unique politician, or a charismatic leader of non-violent movement, Gandhis many-sidedness is proverbial. And, then, he was a religious genius as well- with genuine tolerance and respect for all mankinds faiths. Here is the first ever study exploring exclusively Gandhis attitude to Islam, from his childhood to the last years of his phenomenally eventful life. In thematically focussing on his responsiveness to Islam, Dr. Sheila McDonough addresses a vital question: Why did Gandhi say the things, he did, about Islam? Which leads her to meticulously trace, among other determinants, the intellectual influences that had helped shape Gandhis vision of Islam- the vision he particularly shared with many of his Indian contemporaries. The author, a widely known authority on Islamic Studies, puts together many of Gandhis observations about Prophet Mohammed, the holy Quran, and the Islamic faith to emphasize that his positive, respectful response to Islam was not a matter of political pragmatism, nor a facade to unify Indians at a critical period of their history, but it went far beyond- to a philosophical understanding of the very essence of Islam. Unfailingly convincing, Prof. McDonough combines, in her writing, a rare scholarship with readability that makes her book at once fascinating to both specialists and common readers anywhere in the modern world.

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