ISBN 9788121204460,Gandhian Religion

Gandhian Religion



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788121204460

ISBN-10 8121204461

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Number of Pages 184 Pages
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'Perhaps the greatest figure', as Louis Fischer appreciates, 'of the last nineteen hundred years', Mahatma Gandhi represents the best of religion. He identifies religion with the vision of man christened in Truth, Beauty and Goodness. The vision of man, the embodiment of religion as Gandhi highlights in his vision of Satyabarayana or Daridranayana, bring religion at the doorstep of every society where synchronization between religion and society becomes a living reality. The education of religion towards this direction is a typical Gandhian strategy for making religion a serene way of life hitherto unknown. The aesthetics of religion coupled with its mystic beyondings as Gandhi designs and experiments with Truth is even now a challenging task at the threshold of the twenty first century. Nationalism and religion as he harmonizes, might serve as positive guidelines for emergence of global consciousness. Religion in terms of non-violence is religion as it should be for greater excellence of man. The religion of non-violence as Gandhi Advocates, is the only way to eliminate utter ignorance in the name of religion now-a-days. An indepth study with a singnificant approach to the philosophy of religion, Gandhian Religion is a unique contribution toward Gandhian studies and research.