ISBN 9789351419457,Gate Tutor 2015 Computer Science & Information Technology

Gate Tutor 2015 Computer Science & Information Technology



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351419457

ISBN-10 9351419452


Edition 5th
Number of Pages 986 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Cracking an examination like GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) demands extensive knowledge and revision of the concepts covered under the GATE 2015 curriculum. GATE tests the in-depth knowledge and practical knowledge of varied concepts. Arihant understand the needs of the students which require comprehensive chapter-wise study for in-depth understanding followed by thorough practise of the syllabi to master the concepts. The present GATE tutor for GATE computer science and Information Technology has been divided into three sections namely general aptitude, engineering, mathematics and computer science and information technology, each sub-divided into number of chapters. The general aptitude section covers verbal ability, critical reasoning, numerical ability and previous years general aptitude questions. The Engineering Mathematics section has been divided into linear algebra, calculus, differential equations, complex variables, probability and statistics, numerical methods and transform theory whereas the Computer Science and Information Technology section has been divided into 12 chapters namely digital logic design, computer organisation and architecture, data structure, programming in C, design analysis and algorithm, theory of computation, compiler design, operating system, database management system, software engineering, computer network and web technology. The chapters cover unit wise and topic-wise collection of theory and question answers. The whole coverage of the syllabi in the book has been kept identical to the format of the exam including relevant study material and variety of questions with their complete solutions. Each topic in the book has been categorised into numerous sub divisions. Also each unit ends with intro exercise for practising the concepts discussed in the unit. The exercises contain questions as per the GATE pattern i.e. 1 mark questions, 2 marks questions and common data and linked answer questions. It has been kept into account that the concepts illustrated in the book are self-sustaining and the students do not feel the need to go through any other book for any missing topic. The book also contains last four years (2011 - 2014) solved papers of original online GATE Computer Science and Information Technology to give the aspirants an insight into the trends of questions asked in GATE Examination. This book contains focused study material for General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics. For final and thorough revision, three practise sets for GATE Computer Science and Information Technology with full solutions have also been given in the book. As the book contains ample study and practise material, it for sure will help the aspirants achieve success in the upcoming GATE 2015 computer science and information technology exam. About the Author An editorial team of highly skilled professionals at Arihant, works hand in glove to ensure that the students receive the best and accurate content through our books. From inception till the book comes out from print, the whole team comprising of authors, editors, proof readers and various other involved in shaping the book put in their best efforts, knowledge and experience to produce the rigorous content the students receive. Keeping in mind the specific requirements of the students and various examinations, the carefully designed exam oriented and exam ready content comes out only after intensive research and analysis. The experts have adopted whole new style of presenting the content which is easily understandable, leaving behind the old traditional methods which once used to be the most effective. They have been developing the latest content and updates as per the needs and requirements of the students making our books a hallmark for quality and reliability for the past 15 years. TABLE OF CONTENTS Solved Paper 2014 (Online Set 1) Solved Paper 2014 (Online Set 2) Solved Paper 2013 Solved Paper 2012 Solved Paper 2011 General Aptitude 1. Verbal Ability 2. Critical Reasoning 3. Numerical Ability 4. Previous Years General Aptitude Questions Asked in Previous Years Examination Engineering Mathematics 1. Linear Algebra 2. Calculus 3. Differential Equations 4. Complex Variables 5. Probability and Statistics 6. Numerical Methods 7. Transform Theory Computer Science and Information Technology 1. Digital Logic Design 2. Computer Organisation and Architecture 3. Data Structure 4. Programming in C 5. Design Analysis and Algorithm 6. Theory of Computation 7. Compiler Design 8. Operating System 9. Database Management System 10. Software Engineering 11. Computer Network 12. Web Technology Practise Sets (1 - 3)