ISBN 9788188575916,Geeta Abraham

Geeta Abraham



Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788188575916

ISBN-10 8188575917


Number of Pages 144 Pages
Language (English)

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There is an ethnic Christian Community with a two millennium old heritage in the southernmost part of India, where nature has endowed the land and the people with an abundance of grace and beauty. The people belonging to this community are known as Syrian Christians or Nasranis. The novel features a typical Syrian Christian family its great history, its traditions, its joys and sorrows, its secrets.... The story spans over a century and gives an insight into the life of the Syrian Christians of Kerala, which is steeped in traditions dating back to the time of the apostles of Jesus. They are a breed of people who abide by age-old conventions and ancient laws and abhor changes. The caste feelings and feudal hierarchy prevalent in the first half of the twentieth century and to some extent to this day are analyzed carefully as we progress through the history. The plot of the story is a fictional one but the historical backdrop and descriptions of people, their customs and traditions, the feudal set up and the social discrimination are all original - and have always remained a part and parcel of the social fabric of the community. The author has put in a fine thread of satire as she weaves her way through the story spanning almost a century taking the family from glory to imminent degradation and decay.