ISBN 9789350364581,Gem's School Atlas

Gem's School Atlas


Pushpa Jain



Ratna Sagar Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350364581

ISBN-10 9350364581


Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (English)

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Gems school atlas has been prepared to complement the teaching and learning of social sciences. It covers the syllabi of the various boards and provides the latest information on diverse topics. Extra effort has been made to make this atlas comprehensive yet user-friendly. Key Features * Detailed political and physical maps of all the continents have been included. The states and union territories of India have been shown in detail. Besides, there are weather, regional, demographic, vegetation and historical maps relating to the world in general and India in particular. Some of these maps are three dimensional. * Maps on current issues such as population growth, urbanization, global warming, biodiversity and natural hazards have been included. * Informative preliminary pages explain geographical concepts related to physical geography. * Maps are supported by diagrams, charts, tables and photographs for easy inference. * Specific geographical information such as time zones, map projections, contours and topo sheetshave also been included. * Colour schemes have been used to help learners underst and the different aspects of a map and thus act as an extra aid. * Gives the latest information about the countries of the world including their capital, total area, population, currency and flag. * An exhaustive and easy to use index for reference is given at the end. TABLE OF CONTENTS Informative Pages The Solar System and the Continental Drift Latitudes, Longitudes and Time Zones Plate Tectonics Volcanoes and Earthquakes Atmosphere Hydrosphere Study of Topographical Sheet (Topo Sheet) India: Daily Weather Report Map Projections Representation of Relief Features (Contours) India India: Physical Features India: Political Divisions India: J & K, H P, Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand India: Rajasthan, Delhi and Chandigarh India: Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand India: West Bengal, Sikkim and the North-eastern States India: Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha India: Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa India: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry India: Tamil Nadu, Kerala and the Island Groups India: Physiographic Regions, Structure and Geology India: Temperature, Pressure and Winds India: Climatic Conditions (Rainfall) India: Monsoons, Rainfall and Climatic Regions India: Natural Vegetation, Wildlife and Biodiversity India: Major Types of Soils and Soil Erosion India: Major River Basins and Means of Irrigation India: Land Use and Crop Concentration India: Agriculture India: Agricultural Crops I India: Agricultural Crops II India: Agricultural Crops III India: Mineral Resources India: Power Resources and Power Projects India: Planning and Industrial Regions India: Industries I India: Industries II India: Industries III India: Major Roads and Road Density India: Railways and Rail Density India: NHDP and Railway Zones India: Major Airways and Waterways India: Population I India: Population II India: Population III India: Population IV India: Main Languages and Mass Media India: Natural Hazards and Earthquake Zones India: Some World Heritage Sites India: Major Tourist Centres Ancient India: Physical and Cultural India: Main Excavated Sites History of India I History of India II History of India III History of India IV History of India V History of India VI History of India VII History of India VIII World Ancient Empires of the World World History and Explorations Africa: Physical Features Africa: Political Divisions Africa: Climate, Natural Vegetation and Land Use Africa: Economic Resources and Population Asia: Physical Features Asia: Political Divisions Asia: Climate, Natural Vegetation and Land Use Asia: Economic Resources and Population SAARC Nations I SAARC Nations II China and Mongolia West Asia North Korea, South Korea and Japan South East Asia Australia: Physical Features Australia: Political Divisions Australia: Climatic Conditions and Resources New Zealand Europe: Physical Features Europe: Political Divisions Europe: Climate, Natural Vegetation and Land Use Europe: Economic Resources and Population United Kingdom and Ireland Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal Russia and Adjoining Areas Oceania North America: Physical Features North America: Political Divisions North America: Climate, Natural Vegetation and Land Use North America: Economic Resources and Population United States of America Polar Regions (Antarctica and Arctic Ocean) South America: Physical Features South America: Political Divisions South America: Climate, Natural Vegetation and Land Use South America: Economic Resources and Population World: Physical Features World: Political Divisions World: Temperature, Pressure, Winds and Rainfall World: Climatic Types, Natural Vegetation and Soils World: Types of Agriculture and Crops World: Minerals and Power Resources World: Industrial Regions and Means of Transport World: Population Density, Growth and Literacy World: Major Languages, Religions and HDI World: Urbanisation, Global Warming and Earthquakes Flags of Nations Index