ISBN 9788126908721,Gender, Human Rights and Environment

Gender, Human Rights and Environment



Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788126908721

ISBN-10 8126908726


Number of Pages 168 Pages
Language (English)

Human rights

The book employs an interdisciplinary approach to the study of pertinent social issues. An analysis is made of the conditions of unequal socio-economic existence and the struggles against exploitation in the context of traditional hierarchical structures of caste, class, gender, and ethnicity. It gives an enhanced understanding of the Indian social reality and the emerging social processes. Divided into three sections--Gender, Human Rights, and Environment--the book also brings out an interconnection between them and presents a cross comparative analysis. It would elicit interest of the academicians as well as those appearing for the competitive examinations. An effort is made to sharpen the skills of the students so as to enable them to understand the social milieu from a critical standpoint. It will serve as a valuable reference source for all those concerned with the study of political science, sociology and environment.

About Author:
Rachna Suchinmayee has been teaching political science for the last ten years. Currently she is a senior lecturer in the Political Science Department, College of Commerce, Magadh University. She has written extensively on political and social issues of serious concern. An eminent academician, Dr. Rachna has authored several books and written articles on gender concerns, especially within Bihar, and continues to do inspiring research work in priority areas. She is often invited to deliver lectures and present papers in national and international seminars in her specialty areas.