ISBN 9788131773789,General Chemistry

General Chemistry


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Pearson India

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788131773789

ISBN-10 8131773787

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Number of Pages 656 Pages
Language (English)


This book presents the fundamental concepts of general chemistry in a precise and comprehensive manner for undergraduate students of chemistry and life science at all Indian universities. Adhering strictly to the UGC curriculum, the contents are written in a simple and lucid language enriched with a large number of examples and illustrations.

Key Features
Optimum balance between theory and problems, supported with graphical and schematic illustrations
Discussion of contemporary topics on nuclear chemistry, plastics and polymer chemistry
More than 200 illustrations, 250 solved problems, 400 practice problems and end-of-chapter multiple choice questions
Table of Contents
1. Chemistry Foundations
2. Quantum Chemistry in a simple way
3. Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
4. Chemical Kinetics
5. Photochemistry
6. Chemical Equilibrium of Reactions
7. Chemical Bonding
8. Gases and Gas equations
9. Colligative Properties
10. Phase rule
11. Acids and Bases
12. Electrochemistry
13. Colloidal State
14. Chemistry of S-block elements
15. Chemistry of main group elements
16. Chemistry of coordination compounds
17. Chemistry of f-block elements
18. Solid State Chemistry
19. Organic Chemistry - Hydrocarbons and their derivatives
20. Polymers
21. Nuclear Chemistry

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