ISBN 9789351433217,General Studies-Iv (Ethics, Integrity, And Aptitude) Civil Services

General Studies-Iv (Ethics, Integrity, And Aptitude) Civil Services


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Lexisnexis india

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351433217

ISBN-10 9351433218


Number of Pages 986 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

, think-through and analyse what is asked in the question, and at last, write a comprehensive-yet-concise, structured and highscoring responses that are crucial to beat the competition at this level. Case Studies, which are asked in this paper, that is very exclusive to this domain. This is being handled in two ways:
Exploratory Case Studies-Cases from different walks of life picked and discussed. A comprehensive analysis is being taken up so that readers are able to comprehend different prospective and dimensions of the case that is so crucial to get on to the mode to attempt solve cases.
Preparatory Case Studies-Actual format driven handling of case studies using a specific workbook oriented approach and 03 strategy. A bank of cases is provided to practice and develop expertise in comprehending situations in the cases and make prudent, well-analysed decisions in a concise and focused way.
The structuration of the book is very aberrant in nature. It has three main parts:
Syllabus Orientated Study Material: It provides the content as per the flow of the syllabus notified by the USPC for the Mains examination. It provides necessary conceptual paddings and deep-diving prep material for the prominent aspects of the syllabus and, at the same glides thought the mundane portions of the syllabus.
R3 Mode (Research+ Review+ Read) on further extension of knowledge on that topic. Allows you to notice and fetch some floating topics, and capture otherwise loosely linked information. It also includes glimpses or excerpts of some important governmental reports and publications.
Subjective Questions and answers- with strategy to build 'High Scoring Responses'. There are suggested responses also provided for each of the question. The solved previous year papers are also made available.