ISBN 9788183573856,General Studies Main Examination Paper I

General Studies Main Examination Paper I


J.k. Chopra


Unique Publishers



Unique Publishers

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788183573856

ISBN-10 8183573851


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 1458 Pages
Language (English)

General studies

Table Of Contents
A. History Of Modern India & Indian Culture
1. Advent Of The Europeans And The British Conquest Of India
2. British Economic Policy And Its Impact On India
3. Early Uprisings In Bengal And Eastern India
4. Social And Cultural Policy Of The British Government (1757-1857)
5. Growth & Development Of Education In Modern India
6. History And Development Of Indian Press
7. Social And Cultural Awakening In First Half Of 19Th Century
8. The Revolt Of 1857
9. Changes In Administrative Structure And Policies After 1858
10. Indian National Movement Phase- I (Rise Of Nationalism)
11. The Second Phase (1905-1917) Era Of Extremist Politics
12. Emergence Of Gandhi In National Movement (1914-22)
13. Second Phase Of Revolutionary Terrorism (1924-1939)
14. Civil Disobedience An Atmosphere For Antiimperialist Upsurge
15. The Government Of India Act, 1935 (Congress Ministries In The Provinces)
16. Other Streams Of Indian National Movement : Rise Of Left
17. The Post-War Struggle For In Dependence (Phase-Iii (1939-1947) World War-Ii)
18. Growth Of Communalism And Partition Of India (1919-47) Iii-Phase
19. Paramountcy And Integration Of The Princely States
20. Literary, Artistic And Cultural Movements In Modern India
21. Eminent Personalities Of Modern India
22. Fundamentals Of Indian Culture
23. Indian Art
24. Music In India
25. Indian Dances
26. Festivals And Fairs In India
27. Indian Society And Culture
28. Promotion Of Culture Activities
Appendix - I: Constitutional Developments After, 1858
Appendix - Ii: The Consolidation Process Of British Power In India
Appendix-Iii: Miscellaneous Facts
Appendix-Iv: Literary-Personages

B. Geography Of India
Part I : Physical Geography Of India
1. India'S Location And Extent
2. Geological History Of India
3. India'S Relief Features
4. Geographical Regions Of India
5. India'S Drainage Pattern
6. Climate Of India
7. Soils Of India
8. Environmental Hazards And Disasters

Part Ii : Economic Geography Of India
9. Land Resources
10. Natural Vegetation And Wildlife In India
11. Water Resources Of India
12. Mineral Resources Of India
13. Power Resources Of India
14. Agriculture In India
15. Livestock And Fisheries Of India
16. Major Industries Of India
17. Transport
18. The People Of India

C. Indian Polity
Part A : Indian Government And Polity
1. Indian Constitution : Historical Perspective
2. Framing Of The Constitution
3. The Preamble
4. The Union And Its Territory
5. Citizenship
6. Fundamental Rights
7. Directive Principles Of State Policy
8. Fundamental Duties
9. The Union Executive
10. The Union Legislature (Parliament)
11. The State Executive
12. The State Legislature
13. The Special Provisions For Jammu And Kashmir
14. The Union Territories
15. The Scheduled And Tribal Areas
16. Integrated Judiciary
17. Federalism In India
18. Trade And Commerce Within The Territory Of India
19. Elections, Electoral Process And Reforms
20. Party System In India
21. Special Provisions Relating To Certain Classes
22. Emergency Provisions
23. Official Language
24. Civil Services & Bureaucracy In India
25. Democratic Decentralization : Panchayati Raj26. Urban Local Government
27. Independent Commissions And Committees
28. Constitutional Amendments

Part B : An Overview On Topical Issues
29. Reforms In Governance And Administration
30. Administrative Reforms In India
31. Electoral Reforms And Student Elections
32. Judicial Review And The Ninth Schedule Of The Indian Constitution
33. Judicial Reforms : Need Of The Hour
34. Decline In Civillitigation
35. Reservation In India
36. Right To Education
37. India'S Democratic Struggle Against Illiteracy
38. Politics Of Gender Justice
39. Relevance Of More Smaller States In India
40. Regionalism In India
41. The Right To Information Act And Its Challenges
42. National Investigation Agency (Nia)

D. Current National Issues And Topics Of Social Relevance
1. Draft National Food Security Bill
2. Corporate Governance And Corporate Social Responsibility
3. One Year Of Polio Free India
4. Corruption In India
5. Reservation Understanding The Past, Present And Solutions
6. Caste System In India
7. Domestic Violence In India
8. Energy Poverty In India
9. Organic Farming In India
10. Sustainable Development In India
11. Poverty Lines And Bpl Population:State Of Hdi In India
12. The Child Protection Bill
13. India'S Declining Sex Ratio
14. Evolving Nrega
15. Fdi In Multi-Brand Retail : Boost To Jobs And Investment
16. Strengthening Public Distribution System
17. Time For Secular Indian Marriages
18. Unearthing Black Money
19. Scrouge Of Manual Scavenging
20. Child Labour In India
20.4 About India'S Child Rights Index
21. Indian Parliament Turns 60
22. Rashtriya Ucchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (Rusa)
23. Disaster Management
24. The Cost Of Healthcare In India
25. Draft Surrogacy Bill: Needs To Address Gaps
26. Drug Trials In India
27. Disabled Get Social Justice
28. Regulating Medical Education
29. The Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority Bill, 2011
30. Exodus From Rural India