ISBN 9788181892645,Genetics: Fundamentals And Applications

Genetics: Fundamentals And Applications



Ibdc Publishers

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788181892645

ISBN-10 818189264X

Hard Back

Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

Genetic is an integrated domain of any advanced field of biology in 21st century. However, successful development of future application will depend on the basic domain knowledge. Genetics: Fundamentals and Applications covers maximum aspects of gentics and it is aimed at readers from multidisciplinary fields of biology. It is an effort to use simple language and examples throughout the book for better understanding of principle of genetics and its application in modern era. Few specific chapters have been incorporated to emphasize the application aspects of genetics in disease pathology and therapeutic areas. Basic principles of genetics (first 19 chapters) have been described in a congnized way with simplest example sets for beginners at under graduate and post graduate level. In contrary, Application part (last 5 chapters) espcially chapters covering cancer genetics, apoptosis and stem cell are written elaborately for post graduate students and researchers in biomedical sciences.