ISBN 9780774820783,Geography of British Columbia

Geography of British Columbia



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Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780774820783

ISBN-10 0774820780


Edition 3rd Revised edition
Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Regional geography

Why is British Columbia unique within Canada? What forces have madeits landscape so rugged, its climate so varied, its population sodiverse? Why did settlers come to the region, and what effect has theirpresence had on First Nations? What prompted so many Asian immigrantsto come but then leave for other parts of the country? How have therich resources of the land been exploited and managed? In this fully updated edition of a now classic text, BrettMcGillivray adopts mainly a thematic rather than a regional approach toanswer these questions. Beginning with a regional overview andintroduction to geographic concepts he moves to dicuss thephysical processes that produced a spectacular variety of mountains, lakes, fjords, forests, and minerals. His thematic exploration tracesthe province's historical geography, including First Nations waysof life, colonization, Asian immigration, and the bitter history ofinstitutionalized racism. Detailed accounts of the province'seconomic geography-- forestry, fisheries, metal mining, energysupply and demand, agriculture, water, and tourism -- culminate ina discussion of contemporary issues such as urbanization, economicdevelopment, and resource management. This comprehensive introduction to BC's physical and humangeography is enhanced by new and updated figures, graphs, and maps andby new discussions, including how globalization, climate change, andrecession are influencing the province and its people.