ISBN 9780070588295,Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780070588295

ISBN-10 0070588295

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Number of Pages 766 Pages
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This book is designed to serve as a learning resource for these two core courses.

Table of Contents:
PART- I SOIL: MATERIAL CHARACTERIZATION Chapter 1. Origin and Classification of Soils Chapter 2. The Three Phase System Chapter 3. The Effective Stress Principle Chapter 4. Effective Stress Under Hydrostatic Conditions Chapter 5. Permeability Chapter 6. Measuring Permeability Chapter 7. Effective Stress Under Steady State One-Dimensional Flow Chapter 8. Compressibility Chapter 9. Effective Stress Under Transient Hydrodynamic Conditions Chapter 10. Measuring Compressibility Characteristics and Computing Amount of and Time for Consolidation Chapter 11. Shear Strength and Its Measurement Chapter 12. Shear Strength Parameters Chapter 13. Engineering Properties of Natural On-Land Deposits Chapter 14. Engineering Properties of Natural Offshore Deposits Chapter 15. Engineering Properties of Man-Made Deposits Chapter 16. On Partially Saturated Soils PART-II SITE: LOCATION CHARACTERIZATION Chapter 17. Site Investigation PART-III ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES Chapter 18. Flow Analysis Chapter 19. Settlement Analysis Chapter 20. Bearing Capacity Analysis Chapter 21. Slope Stability Analysis Chapter 22. Earth Pressure Analysis PART-IV ENGINEERING DESIGN Chapter 23. Sub-Structures: Foundations Chapter 24. Earth Structures: Dams and Embankments Chapter 25. Earth Retaining Structures PART-V GEOTECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION Chapter 26. Earthwork and Earthmoving Equipment Chapter 27. Foundation Construction Chapter 28. Excavation, Underground Construction and Tunnels PART-VI GROUND ENGINEERING Chapter 29. Ground Improvement and Modification Chapter 30. In Situ Densification of Soils Chapter 31. Grouting In Soils Chapter 32. Reinforced Earth Chapter 33. Geosynthetics PART-VII GEOENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Chapter 34. Geoenvironmental Engineering-Genesis Chapter 35. Contamination