ISBN 9781597072014,Geronimo Stilton#05 The Great Ice Age (Graphic)

Geronimo Stilton#05 The Great Ice Age (Graphic)


Scholastic Books



Scholastic Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9781597072014

ISBN-10 159707201X


Number of Pages 56 Pages
Language (English)


The fifth in the series of Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels created by Elisabetta Dami, Geronimo Stilton #05 The Great Ice Age (Graphic) features another one of Geronimo's exciting adventures, involving time travel into the middle of the ice age, and a giant wooly mammoth! Summary Of The Book The Geronimo Stilton series of children's books were published originally in Italy, and later translated and published in English by Scholastic Corporation. This series is for younger readers in the range of 6-12 years, and feature the amazing escapades and wild adventures of Geronimo, mouse that can talk, and who lives on an island, in New Mouse City. The books are written as autobiographical adventure stories narrated from the perspective of Geronimo Stilton himself, who is a highly successful author, working as a journalist and editor with the fictional news journal, The Rodent's Gazette. Geronimo, a quiet mannered mouse, somewhat nervous by nature, would much rather lead a simple life, however, has an uncanny knack for attracting trouble, and together, with his younger sister Thea, cousin Trap, Benjamin, his favourite nephew, and on some occasions, his Aunt Sweetfur, he falls into many exciting adventures, taking them to faraway lands. Geronimo Stilton #05 The Great Ice Age (Graphic), is a completely graphic novel for children, with bright and colorful images and pictures. In this book, Geronimo gets embroiled in yet another fantastic adventure, where he has to face his most dreaded enemies, the Pirate Cats. They have recently discovered how to travel back in time and change history. As Bonzo and Tersilla Catardone III accidentally travel back in time, they wind up right in the middle of the Ice Age! Here they hatch a wild plan of capturing a giant woolly mammoth from the ice age, and bringing it back to the present! Geronimo and his friends attempt to stop the Pirate Cats from carrying out their latest crazy scheme, but would they succeed in time? A best-selling children's book series published by Edizioni Piemme of Milan, Italy, the Geronimo Stilton series of books became an immensely popular book series for children there. These books have been translated into several languages, including English. An animated television series of 26 episodes was first telecast in Netherlands and Belgium in 2009. About Geronimo Stilton Geronimo Stilton is a pseudonym of Elisabetta Dami, an Italian author who currently resides in Italy. She has also authored other books like Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton!, The Quest for Paradise: The Return to the Kingdom of Fantasy, and Who Stole the Mona Lisa? Born in Milan in 1958, to renowned publisher Piero Dami, she started her career as a proofreader at the family owned publishing house. She began writing books at the age of 19, and has travelled the world exploring ideas for her series. An avid adventurer herself, she has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, gone trekking in Nepal, attempted parachute jumping, and completed a grueling marathon in the Sahara desert.