ISBN 9780230633865,Getting On With Others: How To Teach Your Child Essential Social Skills

Getting On With Others: How To Teach Your Child Essential Social Skills




Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780230633865

ISBN-10 0230633862


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)

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School teachers know one thing to be true: that cooperative children do better at school and in life. Such children learn how to make friends, manage their emotions and solve problems with others. In Getting on with Others, clinical psychologist John Copper identifies three skills as being essential building blocks for children: developing cooperative behaviour, acquiring basic social skills and solving social problems. He shows how parents can teach these skills and help children learn about feelings. In addition, he presents methods to assist children to develop assertiveness, reduce anxiety and handle situations involving conflict. The techniques described are clinically proven and research shows they are effective in changing children?s behaviour. According to the author: ?Interactions with other people are possibly the most difficult area of life for many children. Research shows that the most effective time to help children learn to regulate their emotions is between the ages About the Author John Cooper is a Senior Clinical Psychologist who has worked in schools, hospitals and community settings assisting children with a wide variety of behavioural, emotional and social difficulties since the 1970s. A parent of two children, John has also been involved in a number of specialised programs to prevent young children from developing behavioural prob- lems. This work includes originating the unique PALS program (?Playing and Learning to Socialise?), which helps children at kindergarten and preschool levels develop basic social techniques and more advanced skills.