ISBN 9789350041659,Getting Results From Software Development Teams

Getting Results From Software Development Teams


Dreamtech Press



Dreamtech Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789350041659

ISBN-10 9350041650


Number of Pages 302 Pages
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Computer And Internet

The Preliminaries On Software Engineering and Management The Path to Management The Smart People Got It Wrong The Rest of Us Are Still Getting It Wrong The Functions of Management Some Data of Interest Hope on the Horizon Summary References Why Is Software So Difficult? The Nature of the Beast Software Development as a Wicked Problem Myths Associated with Software Forget About Godzilla-Watch Out for Ducks Summary References Software Development as a Process Building the Software Development Team Team Building as a Process Conducting Interviews Checking References The Business School Conundrum It's DISC Time The Apollo Syndrome Ashby's Law and the Ideal Team Member Management Styles A Maturity Model for Software Project Management Moving from One CMM Level to Another Task Maturity Levels Development Phases and Personalities The Process of Team Building Another Reason Why Software People Are Challenging Summary References Developing and Maintaining the Project Plan The Project Charter The Software Development Plan Allocating Flow Time Using the Work Breakdown Structure Person Loading Optimizing the Project Plan Using the Design Structure Matrix Risk Management Summary References Management Methods and Technology Selecting a Software Development Lifecycle Model: Management Implications The Software Quality Lifecycle Viewing Software Development as a Process Modeling Processes Lifecycle Model Basics The Lifecycle Models Comparison of Lifecycle Model Features Selecting a Software Development Lifecycle Summary References Modeling the Target System Why Model Software Systems? Requirements Modeling Methods Requirements Analysis Using Self-Interaction Matrixes System Response Table (SRT) Specification Method and Real-Time Systems Use Cases Design Methods Overview Selecting Appropriate System-Modeling Techniques Summary References Estimating Project Size, Cost, and Schedule Viewing Cost Estimation as a Process Estimating Variability as a Function of Project Flow Time Costing and Sizing Software Projects General Form of Schedule Estimation Formulas IBM's Findings at the Federal Systems Division Software Lifecycle Management Function Point Estimation Method 3D Function Point Method Pseudocode-Based Estimation Method Cost and Schedule Estimating: An Advisory Constructive Cost Model COCOMO II The Cost Variance Method Summary References Tracking the Software Project Plan Tracking Schemes Earned Value Management Using EVM: Terms and Formulas Precedence Diagramming for Cost and Schedule Control Taking Remedial Action Avoiding Cost and Scheduling Problems in the First Instance About Complexity and Project Success Summary References Managing Software Professionals Improving Team Performance What Research Reveals More Recent Results The Basics The Relative Importance of the Workplace Why People Work Models of What Motivates People How You Can Affect Team Performance When It All Comes Together or Comes Apart How Much CMM Is Enough? Managing High-Performance Teams Summary References Evaluating Software Development Teams Classic Techniques for Evaluating Individuals The Strategy-Based Evaluation Method Using SEM The SEM Process Traditional Performance Evaluation Methods vs. SEM Evaluating the Software Development Team An Alternative Scheme for Evaluating Software Development Teams Summary References