ISBN 9780671691332,Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories


Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 1993

ISBN 9780671691332

ISBN-10 0671691333


Number of Pages 137 Pages
Language (English)

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Frank and Joe Hardy aren't scared of ghosts. In fact, they'll do everything to chase these so-called ghosts down and unmask them for what they are. They tackle macabre cases like that of a scarecrow which walks, talks, and stalks. In another case, the boys have to escape from an 18th century whaling ship piloted by a crew of ghosts. And in Scotland, the dark dungeon of the castle is haunted by its first lord, a cruel and infamous pirate. Join the Hardy Boys as they tackle these cases and more in this horrific collection of ghost stories. About Franklin W. Dixon Franklin W. Dixon is the pseudonym of several authors, most notably Leslie McFarlane. The name is used to denote the writer of the Hardy Boys series of novels, as well as the Ted Scott Flying Stories series.