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ISBN 9798129107533

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Short stories

Readers who enjoy delving into the eerie and inexplicable, will certainly delight in perusing through this collection of local supernatural myths and legends. According to Chaudhry, these stories are authentic and originate from encounters that the locals have actually experienced.

Through Ghost Stories Of Shimla Hills, Chaudhry narrates different legends associated with particular areas in Shimla. Many of these stories were sourced from seniors who lived in Shimla during the pre independence period in India.

One of the stories is about Forest Road, where ghosts of British people are known to wander. It is a place where teenagers engaging in carnal behaviour generally tend to hide out. Anyone who passes the five benches located there, tends to be followed back. The story focuses on a visitor to the area, Aman, who used to go for long walks along this road on a regular basis. On one particular evening, as he was approaching these benches, he felt a presence behind him. Assuming it was another walker, he ignored this feeling and proceeded forward. A few seconds later, he felt as though someone had overtaken him. After searching the area, he receives a shocking surprise.

Chaudhry’s technique of building suspense and suddenly revealing the mystery, will leave readers with a heart pounding experience. The author has collected several other spine chilling stories which will prevent readers from putting the book down even for a moment.

Ghost Stories Of Shimla Hills was published in 2005 and due its resounding success, a second set of supernatural tales, More Ghost Stories Of Shimla Hills, followed in 2012.

About Minakshi Chaudhry

Minakshi Chaudhry is an author and journalist who has travelled and written extensively in the Himachal Pradesh region of India.

Apart from this book, she has also authored More Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills, which was a follow up to the first book and was published in 2012. In total, she has authored twelve books.

In Chaudhry’s books, readers quickly become familiar and comfortable with her narrative style of storytelling, which quickly engages and draws in her audience. She currently works as a reporter for The Indian Express.