ISBN 9780143330776,Gind: The Magical Adventures Of A Vanara

Gind: The Magical Adventures Of A Vanara



Penguin Books India (Penguin)

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780143330776

ISBN-10 0143330772


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)

Written in the fashion of an Indian epic, Gind: The Magical Adventures Of A Vanara is an exciting tale set in the land of Poompuhar, which is the abode of Gind, the hero of this fantasy tale. Gind is about to embark on an unprecedented journey to rescue a young princess, while encountering numerous adventures on the way. Gind’s life is perfectly blissful. Frolicking from one fruit tree to another, Gind spends most of his time fantasising about a life away from his huge family, where he will be his own master, and freedom will finally be his. However, he is not aware of the adventures that lie await for him across the length of the country. Things take a new course when he meets sage Agastya, who informs him about the unfortunate kidnapping of the young Vanara princess Ongchu by a vicious demon or rakshasan. The princess is saved, and Gind is handed over the task of escorting her safely back to her kingdom. He is all set to go on this mission along with Karuppan, his father, and it is at this juncture that the pages of the fantasy truly come alive. As they battle yetis and gandharvas and defeat two-headed demons, they find themselves facing forces that are much stronger and bigger than themselves, and realize that they are experiencing something truly unique. During their journey, they learn of a man who is out to free his wife from the clutches of a demon-king, and meet characters like Prince Bharat and Hanuman. As the epic tale of The Ramayana reaches its conclusion, so does their very own personal adventure. The book also features a humorous sub-plot where Lord Indra finds it hard to deal with the attention that the human and animal world is bestowing on Lord Vishnu, now incarnated as Lord Rama. Furthermore, it doesn’t help his cause when he finds himself in the bad books of sage Agastya. While he sets out to build a bridge to compete with Vishnu, he is encountered by Gind and his company, and the stage is set for a momentous showdown, with repartees flying between the two parties. This Indian fantasy novel received positive reviews after its release. It features the liberal usage of Tamil words and names.