ISBN 9789351720249,Gist of NCERT - Indian Polity

Gist of NCERT - Indian Polity



Kalinjar Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351720249

ISBN-10 9351720241


Number of Pages 156 Pages
Language (English)

Civil Services

Table of contents :-
1. Why do We Need a Constitution
Making of The Indian Constitution

2. Philosophy of The Constitution
What is the Political Philosophy of Our Constitution?
Procedural Achievements

3. Fundamental Rights in The Indian Constitution
Right to Freedom
Right Against Exploitation
Right to Freedom of Religion
Cultural and Educational Rights
Right to Constitutional Remedies
Directive Principles of State Policy
Directive Principles
Relationship between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles

4. Executive
What are the Different Types of Executive?
Parliamentary Executive in India
Prime Minister and Council of Ministers

5. Legislature
Rajya Sabha
Lok Sabha
How does The Parliament Make Laws?
How does The Parliament Control the Executive?

6. Judiciary

7. Local Governments
Implementation of 73rd and 74th Amendments

8. Elections and Democracy
Reservation of Constituencies
Free and Fair Elections
Electoral Reforms

9. Center State Relation
Legislative Relations
Administrative Relations
Financial Relations
Centre - State Relations - Conflict Zone
Punchhi Commission on Centre - State Relations
Finance Commission Vs Planning Commission

10. Emergency Provisions
National Emergency (Art. 352)
Proclamation of President’s Rule (Art. 356)
Financial Emergency (Art. 360)

11. Amendment of Constitution
Amendment Procedure
Amendments in Brief

12. Seventh Schedule (Article 246)
List I - Union List
List II - State List
List III - Concurrent List

13. Political System
Political System in India
Coalition Politics

14. Administrative Tribunals
Administrative Reforms in India
Important Committees
Members of Second Arc
Administrative Reforms Committees
Police Reforms

15. Political Debate
Presidential Vs Parliamentary
Separation of Power
Judiciary Vs Legislature
Legislative Councils
Judicial Activism
Judicial Review
Impact of the 42nd Amendment
Judicial Reform in India
Naxalism - Perception and Reality