ISBN 9788172343675,Gitanjali Song Offerings

Gitanjali Song Offerings


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Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788172343675

ISBN-10 8172343671


Number of Pages 124 Pages
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Gitanjali or the ?Song Offerings' in English translation (1911) is a volume of 103 poems selected by Tagore form his several Bengali books of poetry. It was when he learned from William Rothenstein of western interest in them that he translated them into English. Chiefly for this volume, Tagore became the first non-European to win the Noble Prize in Literature in 1913. W. B. Yeats, in the introduction to Tagore's Gitanjali, Writes that his volume has "stirred my blood as nothing has for Years...." He explains, "These Lyrics.. display in their thought a world i have dreamed of all my life long." Yeats tells us that Tagore's songs are not only respected and admired by the scholarly class, but also that they are sung in the fields by peasants. Gitanjali is poetry of life-affirmation: life with its colour and abundance, melancholy and mystery. It is a record of the poet's intimate response to the splendour of the universe. His poetry in translation was viewed as spiritual, and this together with his mesmerizing persona gave him a prophet-like aura in the west but this "elegant prose and magical poetry" still remains largely unknown outside the confines of Bengal. Key Feature Rabindranath Tagore's Most widely-read Poetry Collection. Includes beautifully written poems about love, life-affirmation, Philosophy and Spirituality. One of Tagore's best works that won him the Nobel Prize for Literature. Fascinating read for all, Specially Poetry Lovers. About the Author Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) was an Indian poet, Philosopher and Noble Laureate. Tagore's Writing is highly Imagistic, deeply religious and Imbued with his love of nature and his homeland. He has provided western culture with a strong example of Eastern Philosophy in both prose and poetry.