ISBN 9781259001963,Giving Great Presentations In Easy Steps

Giving Great Presentations In Easy Steps


Drew Provan


Tata Mcgraw Hill



Tata Mcgraw Hill

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781259001963

ISBN-10 1259001962


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)


When was the last time you attended a presentation and thought "That was fantastic! I really enjoyed listening to the speaker and learned something today"? It doesn't happen often enough, because most people who present give mediocre talks at best. But it shouldn't be like this. This book aims to show you that with effective preparation and good audiovisual aids your key messages will be presented with clarity. By keeping to time and answering questions smoothly, you can give an above-average presentation which will be memorable for the audience. The author has years of experience in this area. As a regular presenter at all types of meeting, he has made every mistake possible! He's crammed slides too full, disengaged from the audience, used distracting animations on his slides, and committed most sins as a presenter. Happily, he has learned from these and improved considerably, and in this book he helps the less confident presenter avoid the mistakes that most presenters make today. With patience and practice and using the guidance in this book you will soon be giving memorable presentations and become a real asset to your organization! Or if you're just planning to talk to a small group of enthusiasts at a local club this book will help you there, too!