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Profile Books

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781846689673

ISBN-10 1846689678


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Glass is pure. Glass is transparent. Glass is sharp.
Gunter Glass, ex-milkman and aspiring window-cleaner, is certainly pure. And hes pretty transparent. But the jurys still out on how sharp he is.
What na ve young G nter does have is a head for heights and, ever since he visited a glassblowers workshop as a child, an unusual fixation with glass. When a minor adventure up the spire of Salisbury Cathedral makes G nter a local celebrity, John Blades - window-cleaner to the stars - comes calling. He wants G nter to join him in London to clean Europes tallest skyscraper, the newly constructed Shard in London Bridge.
With his mother recently passed away, his dad retired and no money to pay off the mortgage, G nter takes Blades up on his offer and soon finds himself, for the first time, among the bright lights of London. He has his first experience of romantic love with short-range psychic Lieve Toureau, tries not to encourage Blades frequent racist outbursts, and cohabits a Hackney bachelor-pad with a reclusive landlord who has spent decades writing a never-ending book in his cork-lined bedroom. But above all, G nter spends his time trying to figure out how to be good and follow his dear departed mothers advice as best he can.
Will Gunter find his way along the straight and narrow? Or will his innocence put him on collision course with the frequently baffling modern world?
About the Author: Alex Christofi
Alex Christofi was born and grew up in Dorset. After reading English at the University of Oxford, he moved to London to work in publishing. He has written a number of short pieces for theatre, and blogs about arts and culture for Prospect magazine. Glass is his first novel

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