ISBN 9788185860770,Glimpse On Terminology Of Agricultural Entomology

Glimpse On Terminology Of Agricultural Entomology


S K Ghosh


IBDC Publisher



IBDC Publisher

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9788185860770

ISBN-10 8185860777

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Engineering: general

A Glimpse on Terminology of Agriculture Entomology" has been written to provide a reference source for the students of agricultural colleges, farmers and all those involved in or associated with the pesticide ndustry in whatever capacity. It is associated with the pesticide industry in whatever capacity. It is concerned essentially with agricultural, zoological and chemical, terms as may be needed to provide adequate information. Entries also include the most common, important and agriculturally significant parts of farm animal or crops.

This work has been compiled to meet the need of Agricultural University Students. It has been difficult to decide the limit of Entomology as a subject because the scope of each science is widening and they are becoming integrated.

It is hoped that in its present from the book will be of use to Agricultural University Students, Naturalists, Farmers, Researchers and all interested in Entonmology