ISBN 9780749442132,Global Brand Strategy: Unloking Brand Potential Across Countries, Cultures & Markets

Global Brand Strategy: Unloking Brand Potential Across Countries, Cultures & Markets


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Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780749442132

ISBN-10 0749442131

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Number of Pages 272 Pages
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Going global with a brand is one of the key issues facing brand managers today. But how do they ensure that their brand realizes its full potential as it stretches across multiple cultures and markets? How do they balance the differing requirements of ensuring that the brand meets local needs with the desire to maintain global brand consistency?

In Global Brand Strategy, Sicco van Gelder tackles this central issue head on. He shows how both global and local brand management need to agree a common basis for their brand strategy and planning. Drawing on his extensive experience, he has created a unique framework - the Global Brand Proposition Model - which enables them to analyse their brand's sensitivity and vulnerability to specific internal and external influences across a multitude of diverse markets and societies.

Filled with real-life global examples and case studies, the book comprises three parts. Part 1 shows how to undertake an internal analysis, Part 2 looks at the external analysis, and Part 3 covers the central issues of global brand strategy, such as:
Taking a brand global
Harmonizing a global brand
Extending a global brand
Creating a new global brand

For all those involved in global brand management, the local management of a global brand, or the management of a local brand faced with foreign competition, Global Brand Strategy provides not only a robust framework for analysing the complexities, but also much fresh and original thinking. For students of international business and marketing, it will aid their understanding of our multi-cultural world and help them to discard any ethnocentric thinking

About The Author
Sicco van runs a Netherlands-based global branding consultancy called Brand Meta. He is also a co-founder of Place brands, a firm dedicated to helping cities, regions and countries define their purpose and achieve their full potential. Sicco has previously held senior international research and consultancy positions with leading companies in Asia and Europe. Past and present clients include ABN AMRO Bank, BRAUN, Brita, De Beers, DuPont, Iams Pet Food, ING Bank, the International Student Travel Confederation, Johnson & Johnson, Hallmark Cards, Heineken, KPN Telecom, Mexx, Philips, Randstad, SCA and Sony Music.

Table of Contents
Part 1: The internal analysis: The organization; The brand expression; Marketing mix and implementation
Part II: The external analysis: Local conventions; The brand domain; The brand reputation; The brand affinity; The brand recognition
Part III: Global brand strategy issues: Taking a brand global; Harmonizing a global brand; Extending a global brand; Creating a new global brand