ISBN 9788179927595,Global Business Environments

Global Business Environments



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788179927595

ISBN-10 8179927598


Number of Pages 346 Pages
Language (English)


In the modern world, the key to prosperity - or failure - in the global marketplace is awareness of cultural differences. Global Business Environments teaches managers both practical techniques and theoretical insights for working with people from diverse cultures in home and host countries. Managers who ignore or dismiss cultural differences may find themselves alienating customers and employees, fumbling negotiations, and ultimately losing sales. In contrast, those who are willing to see the world from different perspectives may spot fresh opportunities. Bringing multiple cultures together results in synergy, in which two combined energies multiply and reinforce one another. Global Business Environments tells you not only how to create synergy, but also how to profit from it. Global Business Environments offers a sweeping multidisciplinary inventory of facts, theories, and practical ideas for making multiculturalism work. This comprehensive volume is a crucial resource for every manager who belongs to a multinational organization, as well as students of both domestic and international business, political science, international relations, public administration, and educational administration.