ISBN 9788178358765,Globalisation, Growth And Inequality In North East India (2 Vols.)

Globalisation, Growth And Inequality In North East India (2 Vols.)



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788178358765

ISBN-10 817835876X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 752 Pages
Language (English)


This book consists of twenty one papers and divided into five sections: socio-economic development, economic disparity, demographic profile, environmental degradation and agricultural scenario. Basically, it concerns economic disparity, poverty, human development, level of living, employment and wages, literacy and education, morbidity, disability and nutrition, effectiveness of public services, education and health care etc of the people of north-east states. Multi-dimensional changes during post reform period were undertaken over centralized and nationalized of socialistic pattern of development which led to corruption and economic inefficiency and inequality in this region. Protection, subsidy system and aid have encouraged permanent dependence rather than growth. Hence, this region is facing the dilemma of economic efficiency versus social and regional inequality. There are differences in natural resources, climate, topography, vegetation and density of population in different regions. The forces of regionalism have become strong and the gravity of the problem has increased to such an extent that it has been threatening the political stability. Sustainable development, which stands at the root of its beginning, aims at improving human well-being, particularly through alleviating poverty, increasing gender equity, and improving health, human resources, and stewardship of the natural environment. When the whole world is crying for the mercy of get rid of current state of environmental degradation in the form of depletion of ozone layer, global warming and climate change, it is found that accessible natural forests particularly in the foothills of this region are under threat to a large scale due to extraction of timber and illegal felling of trees