ISBN 9788120322233,Globalization And Business

Globalization And Business






Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788120322233

ISBN-10 8120322231

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Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 416 Pages
Language (English)


This clear, concise text in a shorter fourteen-chapter format, provides students of manage-ment with a solid framework of the most pertinent and current issues in international business. It synthesizes all the major concepts of the subject, driving home the theme that business responds to globalization and further enhances it.

Tracing the growth of international business and the emergence of the concept of globali-zation, the book elaborates the significance of, and the need for, devising international competitive strategies to meet the rising global business operational challenges. It includes discussion of the movement of goods, invest-ment, technology, and people among countries. It also puts together the elements of managing the value chain-producing, selling, and collecting. Indeed the text takes both a micro and macro focus throughout such as covering both business operations and the effects of International business on society.

Also emphasized is the fact that though every society conducts business, their methods differ because of unique economic, political, legal, and cultural environment. It is like every society using different design of masks as reflected in the visual motif. The use of masks is closely analogous to the concept of globalization as both are more universal on the surface than they are when one examines them closely.

Table of Contents
Part One: Introduction
Part Two: Operational Objectives and Means
Part Three: Challenges
Part Four: Managing the International Value Chain
Part Five: Controlling International Operations
Part Six: Individual and Company Concerns