ISBN 9780761932536,Globalization and Indigenous Peoples in Asia : Changing the Local-Global Interface

Globalization and Indigenous Peoples in Asia : Changing the Local-Global Interface


Dev Nathan


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780761932536

ISBN-10 0761932534

Hard Back

Number of Pages 340 Pages
Language (English)


Globalization has profoundly affected both the ways of life and the livelihoods of indigenous peoples worldwide. The 12 original essays in this book are based on fieldwork conducted in India, China, Nepal and parts of the Himalaya-Hindukush region. In the first section the contributors explore the possibility of devising a more democratic and equitable alternative for indigenous peoples within the process of globalization. The essays in the second section discuss the changes in the social and economic systems of the indigenous peoples that have resulted from the transition to a market economy. The contributors to this volume demonstrate how new forms of community and continued non-market access to critical productive resources?for example, land and forests?would allow for a greater and more equitable spread of the benefits of globalization and simultaneously address some of its negative features including increased male domination. Table of Contents Foreword by PHRANG ROY Introduction I. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AND FOREST MANAGEMENT: Environmental Services and the Case for Local Forest Management DEV NATHAN Indigenous Communities? Knowledge of Local Ecological Services, Jharkhand, India SANJAY KUMAR Local Environmental Services: Forest Management and Terraced Agriculture, a Case Study of the Hani of the Ailao Mountains, Yunnan, China WANG QINGHUA Conflict in Resource Management of Ecosystem Services: Water in the Lashi Watershed, Lijiang, Yunnan, China YU XIAOGANG Impact of the State Logging Ban in Meghalaya, India TIPLUT NONGBRI II. MARKETS AND CIVILIZATIONAL CHANGE: Timber and Local Accumulation in China DEV NATHAN and YU XIAOGANG Northeast India: Market and the Transition from Communal to Private Property DEV NATHAN Tourism and Forest Management among the Hani in Xishuangbanna, China PIERRE WALTER Tourism and Gender Relations in lijiang, China GOVIND KELKAR Crafting an Alternative: Leasehold Forestry for Livelihoods of the Poor in Nepal DEV NATHAN and GIRIJA SHRESHTA External Trade and Development of Upland Peoples in the Himalaya-Hindukush DEV NATHAN and N S JODHA Conclusion: Civilizational Change: Markets and Privatization among Indigenous Peoples DEV NATHAN and GOVIND KELKAR Index