ISBN 9788178298269,Globalization on the Ground : New Media and the Transformation of Culture, Class, and Gender in India

Globalization on the Ground : New Media and the Transformation of Culture, Class, and Gender in India


Steve D Derne


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788178298269

ISBN-10 8178298260

Hard Back

Number of Pages 244 Pages
Language (English)


GENDER IN INDIA FIRST EDITION (HARDCOVER) PRICE: RS.725 Unlike ?lite middle-class Indians, ordinary Indian men are selective in their acceptance of new meanings introduced by cultural globalization. In Globalization on the Ground: Media and the Transformation of Culture, Class, and Gender in India, Steve Dern? argues that the effects of globalization on existing cultural values differ among social groups. The non-?lite middle class in India, for whom globalization has brought little change in economic position and opportunities, has resisted changes to existing ideas about family, marriage, and gender relations. The book suggests that the non-?lite middle class accepts only those meanings which can be layered on top of existing meanings that support obdurate social structures, thereby reiterating existing social stereotypes. So, the newly available Arnold Schwarzenegger films intensify the association of violence with masculinity, and foreign pornography incites new means of expressing male dominance. The book also considers how globalization has transformed class and gender in India. Dern? argues that with globalization, class identities are defined more by transnational contexts than within bounded nations, are based more on shared patterns of consumption than shared positions in the economy, and are increasingly defined by gender relations. Globalization on the Ground will appeal to students and scholars of globalization, mass media, cultural studies, and South Asian studies. Table of Contents Preface Introduction Culture, Structure and Psyche: Understanding Globalization and Cultural Change Making the Transnational Middle Class in India Cultural Continuities and Active Resistance : Gender and the Making of the Indian Middle Class Changing Cultural Orientations Globalizing Gender Culture Conclusion References Index