ISBN 9788181892140,Glossary Of Soil Sciences

Glossary Of Soil Sciences


B A Golakiya


IBDC Publisher



IBDC Publisher

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788181892140

ISBN-10 8181892143

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Engineering: general

The dark word of soil is teaming with life. As such soil is a complex ecosytem. While studying the soils more than dozen faculties have emergened as branches of soils sciences. Each branch has its own language/terminology. The group studying soil comprehensively often encounters a problem of understanding soil sciences. It seems useful to avai all these terminlogies in a single valume. This collection "A GLOSSARY OF SOIL SCIECES" consists about 5200 terms related to the title. Includes terminologies of the most of branches of soil sciences viz, Agricultural chemistry, Soil, Soil Genesis, Soil survey, Soil Classification, Soil Ecology, Soil Microbiology, Soil Morphology, soil Physics, Soil Chemistry, Soil Fertility, Soil Minerology, Soil Colloids, Soil Pollution, Soil Analysis, Soil Mechanics, Soil Water, Soil Conversation, Soil Salinity (Aqua genesis), Fertilizers, Biofertilizers and Formulae of all the branches etc. Of late, the terms related biodynamic agriculture, organic farming and soil health are also included. In practice each and every branch of soil sicences takes mathematical band. So the branch wise collection of formulae are made available in this reference book.

Table of Contents
PART - I Glossary
PART - II Concepts, Contributors and Formaules
PART -III Units of measurments and Factors