ISBN 9781408815267,Goddess



Powell Laura


Watika Lemon



Watika Lemon

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9781408815267

ISBN-10 1408815265


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)


Aura is a girl who belongs to the Cult of Artemis and is blind to everything that is happening outside the Cult. She realizes that there is some secret that the Cult has been protecting and intends to find out what it is. Summary of the Book Aura has no clue about what happens outside the boundaries of the Cult of Artemis. London has been suffering from strikes, hunger and riots, but all Aura knows is what is shown by the censored news channels and the little she learns during the procession to the Temple of Artemis. The only home that she knows of is the glamorous and lavish life in the Sanctuary where they have huge parties and in-house shopping sprees. Apart from this, there is always gossip with her best friend Cally. She soon learns that she will be Priestess of the Cult and the successor to the High Priestess. This is when she meets Aiden, the charming and rebellious son of one of the sponsors of the Cult. He has a lot of interesting ideas that make Aura question everything around her. Aura is soon blessed with a prophecy from the goddess Artemis that indicates that there is something that poses as a threat to the future of the city. She wants to warn everyone about this, but the Cult decides against it as it has an image that it needs to protect. There is a very big secret that they are hiding and it is up to Aura to find out what it is. About Laura Powell Laura Powell spent most of her childhood reading. She is the author of Burn Mark and Witch Fire. She has spent five years working in the editorial departments of publishers of both adult and children's books.

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