ISBN 9788126536573,Good Idea. Now What?: How to Move Ideas to Execution

Good Idea. Now What?: How to Move Ideas to Execution


BPI India Pvt. Ltd



BPI India Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788126536573

ISBN-10 8126536578


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


Table of Contents
Introduction: Idea Lovers versus Idea Makers
Who Is This Book For?
How Does This Book Work?
The Business of Good Ideas
A Conversation over Coffee

PART 1 Where Do Good Ideas Come From?
CHAPTER 1 Strategy or Chance?
CHAPTER 2 Ideas in the Midst
Wisdom from the Streets
Spatial Distance?
CHAPTER 3 My Need for Need
CHAPTER 4 Medici Changed My Life
The Medici Tweet?
CHAPTER 5 Don't Settle for Good

PART 2 Life after Inspiration
CHAPTER 6 Addicted to Inspiration
CHAPTER 7 What Plan?
Passion Unrealized
CHAPTER 8 Dig a Little Deeper
The Dreaded Business Plan
Wisdom from Wade
A Few Questions for Idea Makers
CHAPTER 9 Ideas Don't Work; You Do!
Bootstrapping for Project 7
Become a Bootstrapper!
CHAPTER 10 Choose Family

PART 3 Overcoming Creative Resistance
CHAPTER 11 Wipe Your Nos and Buts
A Prehistoric Brain
CHAPTER 12 The Dreaded Look Inside
CHAPTER 13 Disturbance in the Force
Bringing It Home
CHAPTER 14 Hear Me Out
The Other Side of the Coin (Practicing What We Preach)

PART 4 Paving a Creative Pathway
CHAPTER 15 No Escape Clause
CHAPTER 16 Got Rhythm?
CHAPTER 17 Don't Just Add; Multiply
A Wandering Generality
The Bad News . . .
Discovering the Power of Focus
CHAPTER 18 I Can See It!
More Than Digital
CHAPTER 19 Press Pause
Your Life Needs Space as Well
Emergency Room Counseling
Putting on the Breaks!

PART 5 Elements for Idea Making 1
CHAPTER 20 The Art of Evolution
CHAPTER 22 Risk (Overrated!)
CHAPTER 23 The Miracle of Writing and Waiting
CHAPTER 24 Think Multiple, Not Perfect
Spaghetti Sauce Lessons

PART 6 Elements for Idea Making 2
CHAPTER 25 Simple
CHAPTER 26 Quality, Quality, Quality
CHAPTER 27 The F Word
CHAPTER 28 Under Pressure
CHAPTER 29 Dealing with Setbacks
Changing the World through Shoes
CHAPTER 30 Beat the Tribal Drum

PART 7 The Work of Collaboration
CHAPTER 31 Myths
Myth 1: Collaboration Just Happens on Its Own
Myth 2: Collaboration Is Intuitive for Everyone
Myth 3: Collaboration Is an Act of Lightening the Workload
Myth 4: Collaboration Is a One-Size-Fits-All Endeavor
Myth 5: Collaboration Is about Finding the Right Technological Tools
CHAPTER 32 Human: The X Factor
CHAPTER 33 I Need It!
An Organization Created in Collaboration
CHAPTER 34 Do You Trust Me?
CHAPTER 35 Fight Club
CHAPTER 36 The Hire

PART 8 Getting Out There!
CHAPTER 37 Why Brand Matters
A Practical Guide to Branding
CHAPTER 38 A Personal Brand?
Accidental Lessons about Personal Branding
CHAPTER 39 The Pitch
An Idea Worth Sharing
CHAPTER 40 Life in a Digital Age
A Note about Failure
Recommendations for Further Reading
About the Author