ISBN 9780857521910,Goodhouse




Transworld Publishers Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9780857521910

ISBN-10 0857521918

Paper Back

Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

America at the end of the 21st century: 17-year-old James doesn't even know what his real name is, though he feels if someone uses it one day, he'll know it's his. Kindness to others is not an option at Goodhouse, a brutally run corrective school for boys with criminal genes.

Awaiting him over the barbed wires of the school are the Zeros, a religious group who aim to rid the planet of impure boys like those at Goodhouse. But for James, his greatest threat is not the fundamentalists outside. His dream of walking through the gates as a civilian may yet be destroyed by the much deadlier threat from within ...

A bold, visionary tale of a forseeable future where genetic profiling is meant to prevent crime, but instead becomes a tool for oppression, GOODHOUSE poses urgent questions about freedom and slavery and what it means to be alive.

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