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Governance & Citizenship



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Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788130930312

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Affirmative action for change and for a definite change in the matters of governance is palpable from the collective wisdom of the matured Indian electorate. The mandate which was primarily exercised by the informed and concerned young citizens of the country reflects the essence of Indian democracy. The young India today is averse to polemics and impatient for growth and accountability. Given the inescapable fragility of the political system India has to evolve democratic and inclusive engagement. No doubt the socio-political and the economic fabric is delicately poised and can anytime lead to volatility. However, timidity should not overwhelm the process of democratic consolidation, significant progress in the spheres of information technology and mass upsurge in upward social mobility providing space for the so far neglected, Dalits, women, children and the, others in the margins.

The book Governance and Citizenship traces the historical trajectory of the evolution of the notion of state and the art of changing contours of governance while delving into the various debates and theorisation on the subject area from a globalized perspective. The book tries to locate the Indian State and the changing characteristics of governance and citizenship. A sincere effort has gone into exploring the eluding issues like poverty, migration, unemployment, institutional arrangement and policy initiatives to deal with such issues. The transition from lacklustre governance to good governance is eagerly awaited.
About the Author

Tapan Biswal is Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, School of Open Learning, University of Delhi. He has been teaching undergraduate, honours and postgraduate students for over two and a half decades. Dr Biswal is currently engaged in a major research project on "Contextualizing Civil Society in Africa" approved by the University Grants Commission. Dr Biswal has publications such as Ghana-Political and Constitutional Developments, Human Rights, Gender and Environment, International Relations and Comparative Politics.

Table of Contents:
Preface UNIT I: THEORIZING STATE, GOVERNANCE AND CITIZENSHIP 1: Historical Trajectory - Imran Amin 2: Governance - Rapti Mishra 3: Citizenship - Manish Kumar 4: State, Governance and Citizenship in India - Sanjeev Kumar UNIT II: THE CONCEPT OF GOOD GOVERNANCE 5: The Concept of Good Governance - Rukmani UNIT III: CITIZENS AND THEIR RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS 6: Rights and Obligations of Citizens and Civic Culture - Dr. Tapan Biswal and Dr. Biswaranjan Mohanty 7: Participatory Citizenship: Social Audit and Citizen Policing - Naphisha 8: Role of Civil Society - Dr. Kamalakanta Roul UNIT IV: LAW ENFORCEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE 9: Policing and Enforcement of Laws - Rahul Kumar Singh 10: Autonomy and Neutrality of Investigating and Enforcement Agency - Deepak Bhaskar 11: Access to Justice: Judicial Delays and Costly Litigations - Aakansha Natani UNIT V: RURAL AND URBAN GOVERNANCE: ACCESS TO OPPORTUNITIES AND AMENITIES 12: Rural Poverty, Migration to Cities and Employment - Dr. Sanchita Ray 13: Access to Food: Issues and Concerns - Superna Priyadarshini 14: Public Healthcare in India - Sanjay Kumar 15: Education - Dr. Ameshwar Naik and Rashmi Raj Biswal 16: Urbanization in India: Impact on Environment, Infrastructure, Employment and Civic Amenities - Anand Saurabh UNIT VI: INSTITUTIONAL INITIATIVES TOWARDS GOOD GOVERNANCE 17: Right to Information - Sushant Kumar Mallick 18: Citizen's Charter - Anil Kumar 19: Consumer Rights - Dr. Abhay Kumar and Pratyush Biswal 20: Indian Ombudsman - Dr. Sangeeta Dhal 21: E-Governance in India - Dr. Sangeeta Dhal Notes and References Index