ISBN 9781403927392,Governance Reform for Vision India

Governance Reform for Vision India





Macmillan India Limited

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9781403927392

ISBN-10 1403927391


Number of Pages 366 Pages
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It is increasingly being recognized that one of the primary factors behind most success stories of development is the quality of governance India's poor record on economic, social and ethical front is largerly due to its poor governance. Governance reform has not had a top priority on our national agaenda. if the basic framework is weak, new policies make no difference. The indian administrative system, based on the British bureaucractic structure, is highly centralized and hierarchical in nature, and has been unable to deliver the quality services that citizens deserve. Diffused responsibilities and zero accountability bestow powers without obligation and thus the system neither encourages nor rewards promising manpower not does it penalize non-performers. This has resulted in all round inefficincy and poor work culture. Most advanced countries have recognized the problem of non-performing bureaucracies and taken decisive measures to 're-invent' the government, which has helped to dramatically transform their economies and improve the quality of life of their citizens. About Author : B.P. Mathur had been a career civil servant with the Indian Audit and Accounts Service with extensive experience of working in government for three and half decades. he worked as Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General and Chairman Audit Board, Additional Secretary in the Director, National Institute of Financial Management and as Visiting Faculty, Panjab University, Chandigarh and Bajaj Institute of management, Mumbai. he was a member of the Civil Services Examination Review Committee of the UPSC and on the panel of the Legal Control of Fiscal Policy and Public Audit Mechanism of the National Commission to review the working of the Constitution. he has authroed book on Public Enterprise management and International Economy. He has also written a large number of articles on economics, finance and management related issues, besides two novels in Hindi. Contents : Preface Acknowledgements Prologue The Indian Setting International Experience in Reform Reforming the Indian Bureacracy Restructuring Government Transforming Work Culture Streamlining the Budgetary Systems Redesigning Purchase and Contract Management Privatization-Correcting the Policy Drift The Accountability Institutions-Public Audit and the Office of CAG Parliament's Accountability Mechanism-The Public Accounts Committee Right to Information- A Transport Government Civil Society and Governance The Corruption Challenge Values in Administration A New Governance Paradigm Epilogue-Vision India of Our Dream Index