ISBN 9788170291749,Graphics Programming in C

Graphics Programming in C


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Publication Year 200

ISBN 9788170291749

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Graphics programming in C details the fundamentals of graphics programming for the IBM PC and compatibles,teaching C programmers of all levels how to create compelling graphic images easily and efficiently.Through detailed discussions and sample programms you’ll gain the tools,techniques,and know-how to plot points on a screen,draw and fill a myriad of geometric shapes;create and move graphics cursors,design three-dimensioal figures and much more.   In addition,graphics programming in C includes complete descriptions of CGA,VGA,EGA,and Hercules cards.It shows you know to compile a graphics library and explores the use of fractals for compressing graphic data.Packed with examples and sample programms,this book provides the information you need to explore the exciting field of computer graphics.And because it contains all of the source code,you can easily modify the functions to suit your specific needs.   All of the listings are also available on disk in MS/PC-DOS format.The programs require an IBM PC or compatiable with a CGA,EGA,VGA,or Hercules card,and turbo C1.5 or Microsoft C 5.0 or better.   Table of contents:   Chapter  1        Introduction Chapter  2        Graphics and the C language Chapter  3        The color/graphics adapter and the Hercules graphics card Chapter  4        The enchanced graphics adapter and the video graphics array Chapter  5        ROM BIOS video services Chapter  6        Using the ROM BIOS video services with C Chapter  7        Graphics functions for the Hercules graphics card Chapter  8        Displaying a point on the screen Chapter  9        Coordinate systems and clipping boundaries Chapter 10        Drawing lines and rectangles Chapter 11        Drawing ovals,circles and arcs Chapter 12        Drawing rounded rectangles and polygons Chapter 13        Drawing Bezier and B-spline curves Chapter 14        Translation and rotation Chapter 15        Generating graphics cursors Chapter 16        Using text in graphics displays Chapter17        Pop-up windows and menus                                  Chapter 18        Three-dimensional drawing Chapter 19        Shading three-dimensional figures Chapter 20        Creating a graphics library Chapter 21        Demonstration programs Chapter 22        Printing graphics displays Chapter 23        Fractals: The face of the future