ISBN 9788129202383,Graphology - How to Read Character from Handwriting

Graphology - How to Read Character from Handwriting


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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788129202383

ISBN-10 8129202387


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Educational: writing skills: handwriting

Graphology is the study of the characteristics of handwriting to gain an insight into a person's psychology. This field of study has been around for a long time, though it still has not gained full scientific acceptance. Graphology: How To Read Character From Handwriting is a very old book, but it is still used as a reference text by graphologists even today. This book was a bestseller when it was published and explains how to study every aspect of a person's writing to understand their character.Graphology involves the study of many features of handwriting, like the size, slant, pressure, upper and lower strokes, and word and line spacing. Each of these and many other factors are studied individually and then taken together, to see how they interact with each other. This thorough analysis is then used to develop a profile of the writer's personality.

This book traces the history of this field of study and explains some general points about this practice. The book then goes into the details of examining various facets of a handwriting and an analysis of styles of writing. The book discusses Regular and Irregular Writing, Rounded and Angular Writing and other different styles. It explains how to study Word Spacing, Slope or Slant of Writing, Punctuation, Word Endings, and Signatures. The text goes into many more aspects of writing that can be taken into consideration.The book provides some samples of Historical Signatures for analysis. It studies Unusual Writing and analyses Family Resemblance. It provides some profiles of famous personalities based on their handwriting. Graphology: How To Read Character From Handwriting contains Graphological Portraits of Emile Zola, Lord Rosebery, Carmen Sylva, Abraham Lincoln and General William Booth.This book provides an extensive introduction to the art of learning about a person's character through their handwriting. With its samples, explanations and graphological profiles, this book is still popular among people who are interested in applying the theories of graphology to gain insights into an individual's psychology. A section tracing the history of The Art of Writing, and some new illustrations have been added to this edition, making it more interesting and relevant to current readers.

About Hugo J. Von Hagen Hugo J. Von Hagen was an eminent graphologist. Hugo Van Hagen was a member of the Paris Graphology Society. In 1892, he established the first American Graphological Society, in Boston.