ISBN 9789381626771,Gray Wolves And White Doves

Gray Wolves And White Doves



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381626771

ISBN-10 9381626774


Language (English)


Gray Wolves and White Doves On a humid summer day in August 1978, theParis-OrlyInternational Airport is teemingwith people rushing tocatch theirflights. In the midst of this commotion, asixteen-year-oldboystands alone, behind a pillar, watching thecrowds and thinkingabout the terrible mission he has to fulfil. Howoblivious thesepeople are to the cruel fate that awaits them, howeager they areto catch a flight that will be their last...! Gray Wolves and White Doves is the compelling story of ayoungboys quest for identity and belonging. It takes the reader onajourney from a remote village in Anatolia, to a dingy darkbasementin Istanbul, a seminary in the littleknown Armenian QuarterofJerusalem, through Bavaria, and Sweden, and finally to Paris,wherewe find him on that fated day. Parallel to the drama is the revelation of the minefieldofpolitics in West Asia: the cycle of retaliatory violencethatthreatens to extinguish a life, a family, and even an entirerace,at the altar of political exigency. Rooted in the authors own experiences, this book ispowerfultestimony to the indomitable human spirit that triumphsdespite allodds. About the Author: John D Balian John D. Balian was born to parents of no education and nomeansin a remote village in Anatolia near Diyarbekir, ahistoricArmenian city now in Eastern Turkey. He faced unimaginabletragedythat led to the splintering of his family that launched himinto alife of destitution and wandering through several MiddleEasternand European countries. Despite cruel twists of fate, heeventuallyreached USA because of his own fighting spirit andsurvivalinstincts and the help and kindness of strangers. Dr.Balianattended Columbia University on a full scholarship andreceived amedical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine.Currentlyhe is a senior executive of a US-based global corporation.Due tohis reputation as a transformational leader in his field,Dr.Balian was recently elected to serve on the Board of Directorsoft