ISBN 9780749456788,Green Logistics: Improving The Environmental Sustainability Of Logistics

Green Logistics: Improving The Environmental Sustainability Of Logistics


Alan McKinnon


Kogan Page Limited



Kogan Page Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780749456788

ISBN-10 0749456787


Number of Pages 384 Pages
Language (English)


The main objective of logistics is to co-ordinate the movement of products through the supply chain in a way that meets customer requirements at minimum cost. In the past this cost has been defined in purely monetary terms. However, as concern for the environment rises, companies must take into account the external costs of logistics associated mainly with climate change, air pollution, noise, vibration and accidents.

Green Logistics analyses the environmental consequences of logistics and how to deal with them effectively. Written by a team of leading logistics academics, the book explores ways of reducing these externalities and achieving a more sustainable balance between economic, environmental and social objectives. It examines key areas in this important subject including:

Carbon auditing of supply chains
Transferring freight to "greener" transport modes
Developing "greener" vehicles, aircraft and ships
Reducing the environmental impact of warehousing
Improving fuel efficiency in freight transport
Making city logistics more environmentally sustainable
Reverse logistics for the management of waste
The role of the government in promoting sustainable logistics