ISBN 9781634152280,Green Mango More (Mango Chutney Series)

Green Mango More (Mango Chutney Series)


Rumour Books India



Rumour Books India

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781634152280

ISBN-10 163415228X


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)
The drama is at its peak. As the sessions are changing, Acharya sir is scheming the separation of Ranjan from his best friend Harsh. At home, Harsh cannot fall asleep because a ghost has been following him like a pes. The friends aren't too kind either. They mock his giant Avon cycle when placed along their fancy Hercules and BSAs. The only hope is that he'd surpass the class-topper Anike Bakshi in the unit test and impress his crush, Aditi. Meanwhile there has been a shipwreck in the Pacific and its sailor is stranded on a lonely island. Two thousand miles away, paintings worth millions of rupees are stolen from a train. At 2.23 am, when the town of Pallakad is sleeping, Aliyah tiptoes out of her home forever. What will happen next in these two worlds - one real, the other fantasy? True to the legacy of Mango Chutney, Green Mango More presents a rare mix of sweetness and tang, of realism and fantasy, of humour and horror, with stories from childhood that shall provoke, tickle, and above all, linger in your mind.