ISBN 9781846841491,Greys Essential Miscellany for Teachers

Greys Essential Miscellany for Teachers



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Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781846841491

ISBN-10 1846841496


Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (English)
How does teachers pay compare to other professions? What do teachers do when they leave teaching? Which school did Jeffery Archer attend and which Oxford college did Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher go to? How can you spot plagiarism by pupils? And how can you monitor your workload? When was Eton College founded and what subjects were taught at Rugby in Thomas Arnolds time? Which pupils of Hogwarts are Slytherins and who taught at Greyfriars?

The best miscellany is one that manages to combine, without rhyme or reason, information that seems trivial and yet is somehow either useful, fascinating or both. From statistics about educational practice and policy across the world, through details (both ordinary and extraordinary) about the life of school and colleges in both fact and fiction, to handy checklists for teachers, the author of the bestselling 100 Lists for Teachers here provides the world of education with its first essential miscellany.

About the Author
Duncan Grey is an educational consultant and experienced teacher.

Table of Contents
Absence, workload and stress
Vandalism and security
Danger and safety
Behaviour and discipline
Influential educationalists
Pupil and class numbers
Literacy and language
School meals
Information literacy
Information and communications technology
The curriculum
After school
Other children
Creativity and education
Bibliography and sources.