ISBN 9788131202005,Grid 2 : Blueprint For A New Computing Infrastructure

Grid 2 : Blueprint For A New Computing Infrastructure


Ian Foster



Elsevier India Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788131202005

ISBN-10 8131202003

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Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 776 Pages
Language (English)


In 1998, Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman introduced a whole new concept in computing with the first edition of this book. Today there is a broader and deeper understanding of the nature of the opportunities offered by Grid computing and the technologies needed to realize those opportunities. In Grid 2, the editors reveal the revolutionary impact of large-scale resource sharing and virtualization within science and industry, the intimate relationships between organization and resource sharing structures and the new technologies required to enable secure, reliable, and efficient resource sharing on large scale. Foster and Kesselman have once again assembled a team of experts to present an up-to-date view of Grids that reports on real experiences and explains the available technologies and new technologies emerging from labs, companies and standards bodies. Grid 2, like its predecessor, serves as a manifesto, design blueprint, user guide and research agenda for future Grid systems.

Table of Contents:
Preface to the Second Edition Part I: Perspectives Chapter 1 Grids in Context Chapter 2 The Scientific Imperative Chapter 3 The Industrial Imperative Part II: Framework Chapter 4 Concepts and Architecture Part III: Applications Chapter 5 Predictive Maintenance: Distributed Aircraft Engine Diagnostics Chapter 6 Distributed Telepresence: The NEESgrid Earthquake Engineering Collaboratory Chapter 7 Scientific Data Federation: The World Wide Telescope Chapter 8 Medical Data Federation: The Biomedical Informatics Research Network Chapter 9 Knowledge Integration: In silico Experiments in Bioinformatics Chapter 10 Distributed Data Analysis: Federated Computing for High Energy Physics Chapter 11 Massively Distributed Computing: Virtual Screening on a Desktop Grid Chapter 12 Enterprise Resource Management: Applications in Research and Industry Chapter 13 Interactivity with Scalability: Infrastructure for Multiplayer Games Chapter 14 Service Virtualization: Infrastructure and Applications Chapter 15 Group-Oriented Collaboration: The Access Grid Collaboration System Chapter 16 Collaborative Science: Astrophysics Requirements and Experiences Part IV: Architecture Chapter 17 The Open Grid Services Architecture Chapter 18 Resource and Service Management Chapter 19 Building Reliable Clients and Services Chapter 20 Instrumentation and Monitoring Chapter 21 Security for Virtual Organizations: Federating Trust and Policy Domains Part V Data and Knowledge Chapter 22 Data Access, Integration and Management Chapter 23 Enhancing Services and Applications with Knowledge and Semantics Part VI: Tools Chapter 24 Application-Level tools Chapter 25 Languages, Compilers, and Runtime System Chapter 26 Application Tuning and Adaptation Part VII: Infrastructure Chapter 27 Production Deployment: Experiences and Recommendations Chapter 28 Computing Elements Chapter 29 Peer-to-Peer Technologies Chapter 30 Network Infrastructure Chapter 31 Bibliography