ISBN 9788170948469,Guts and Glory of Day Trading

Guts and Glory of Day Trading


Vision Books



Vision Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788170948469

ISBN-10 8170948460


Number of Pages 220 Pages
Language (English)


True Stories of Day Traders Who Made (or Lost) $ 10,00,000 How Day Trading Can Make You a Millionaire This book tells the extraordinary true stories of twelve ordinary people who became millionaires through day trading. What drives them and how they did it makes for astonishing stories of human emotion, of lives transformed and lessons learnt. Each of the 12 traders developed a unique strategy, one that suited their own personal situation, style and preferences. You will discover: How Teresa Lo grew $ 20,000 into $1 million in one 'horrible' year through intelligent speculation How Brendan DeLamielleure became a millionaire by trading microtrends How the gap trader Terry Bruce made his million Why the 'teacher' Olive Velez traded for knowledge On-the-edge momentum trading strategies of Barbara Hamilton How Chris Farrell scalped 'pennies from heaven' Why the quintessential contrarian Mary Pugh bet it 'all' How Scott Slutsky rode the storm to profit from good markets and bad Why Dave Gordon turned to friends when the market turned mean The techno-fundamentalist secrets of the earnings player, Barbara Simon The gorilla hunter Bob Martin's long-term holds and covered calls The way of Scott McCormick, the artificial intelligence guy. The valuable skills and tactics of these dozen trading millionaires will teach you how to improve your own trading techniques. Their strategies will show you how to improve your own trading by learning from what most of them did right and what some of them did wrong. Most importantly, their stories will instruct and inspire you to become a day trading millionaire.