ISBN 9788126547449,Halliday, Resnick, Walker Physics for JEE Main & Advanced (Volume 2)

Halliday, Resnick, Walker Physics for JEE Main & Advanced (Volume 2)



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788126547449

ISBN-10 8126547448


Number of Pages 760 Pages
Language (English)
This book has been written to meet the examination need of engineering students enrolling in the first year and is in This second volume of an adaptation of the Resnick, Halliday and Walkers Fundamental of Physics(9th edition) and is a must-have resource for JEE ( main & advanced) for JEE aspirants. The book has been designed to help the students overcome the hurdles while preparing for JEE in terms of concepts and problem solving. The book offers a unique combination of authoritative content and stimulating problems. Original book is presented in two volumes in keeping with recommended JEE syllabus. This book includes additional topics and sample problems for complete coverage of JEE syllabus. This book includes substantial reasoning type, multiple choice questions and unsolved numerical problems at the end of each chapter with answer key. The previous 7 year solved JEE questions are included as appendix in the book. Electric Charge and Electric Field Gauss' law Electric Potential Conductors Capacitance Current and Resistance Circuits Magnetic Force Magnetic Fields Due to Currents Electromagnetic Induction Electromagnetic Oscillations and Alternating Current Electromagnetic Waves Geometrical Optics - Reflection Geometrical Optics - Refraction Interference and Diffraction Relativity Photons and Matter Waves Hydrogen Atom All About Atoms The Nucleus