ISBN 9780070966116,Handbook Of Machine Foundations

Handbook Of Machine Foundations



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780070966116

ISBN-10 0070966117


Number of Pages 238 Pages
Language (English)

Mechanical engineering

Imperfect designing of machine foundations based on empirical formulations has led to the problem of troublesome vibrations in the existing foundations. Recent developments in the field of structural and soil dynamics have helped establish basic design principles for various types of machine foundations. In order to achieve efficiency and economy in the design, it is imperative that the designer have an in depth knowledge of various aspects of analysis, design and construction of machine foundations. Table of Contents Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. General Theory Chapter 3. Evaluation of Design Parameters Chapter 4. Analysis and Design of Block-Type Machine Foundations Chapter 5. Analysis and Design of Framed Foundations for High-Speed Machinery Chapter 6. Foundations for Miscellaneous Machines Chapter 7. Vibration Isolation Chapter 8. Constructional Details of Machine Foundations